201 West Platt St. Maquoketa, IA 52060
Jackson County Assessor Office

Application for Business Property Tax Credit

    Iowa Code Section 426C.3

    This application must be received by the city or county assessor where the property is located by July 1. An application received after July 1 will be considered as an application for the following year. Contact information for all assessors can be found at the Iowa State Association of Assessors website: www.Iowa-Assessors.org.

    Applicant Information


    Property Information

    I certify that this parcel, or property unit, as defined in Iowa Code section 426C.1, is classified and taxed as commercial, industrial, or railway property under chapter 434. I certify that the property is not rented or leased to low-income individuals or families as authorized by section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code.

    I certify that the property/property unit indicated above is not a mobile home park, manufactured home community, land-leased community, or assisted living facility, as those terms are defined in section 441.21, subsection 13, or property primarily used or intended for human habitation containing three or more separate dwelling units and not eligible for the credit.

    Written notification must be given to the assessor if this property unit ceases to qualify for the credit.